Ghost Columns and Module Inputs 👻

I was deleting a Temp state var and was looking for dependencies to handle.

I could not find a few - they were ghosts. :ghost: For instance it has a dependency on a custom column in a table:


But that column was deleted long ago.

The next two are Module Inputs that I deleted when I refactored them a week ago.



I guess it is the right time of year for the dead to walk among us! :man_zombie:

Spooky, indeed :ghost:

I know custom columns and module inputs don’t really get deleted the way we’d expect them to…but I don’t know much else past that.

I’ll ask eng! In the meantime, is this blocking any development?

Let me amend my original, I did find the custom column reference, so the issue is only with the Modules.

I do notice that on Columns if you change your query to remove a column that you had configured and then add it back in the previous config is kept for some period of time. I like that. Queries do a similar thing as you switch back and forth from SQL and GUI modes. I have learned to like that.

Maybe something similar going on with Modules I have not otherwise noticed?

And no, it is not holding me up at all, just an FYI really.

Talking to eng about this!