Getting values from a SQL table for local storage

Typically I import values from a SQL Table to a Retool Table and then I get values for local storage from the Retool Table.

But I have a situation where I need to get a value directly from a SQL Table and bring it into local storage.

Could someone give me some sample code that I could work from.



Hey Mike!

When you say import from SQL into "local storage" are you referring to the local storage for the browser? If so, you may want to connect to the sql server via a Retool resource and then write a bit of javascript that e.g.


I do not have a good feel for this.

Anyway, I have created a SQL Query "getInvnbr3" which you can see in the first screen capture below.

I run this query in the Success handler and shown in the second screen.

Nothing goes to localStorage. Any thoughts?