Getting the ID of a selection in a dropdown based on the content value

I am trying to get a component's ID based on a selection from a dropdown in my app.

The table's data structure im trying to modify is this:


And I am trying to modify the status ID based on the following dropdown:


However, since the dropdown has the NAME of the status and not the ID, I was wondering how can I do the followng assignation:


The status table looks like this:


And for the dropdown im only using the name, but i need to access tthat ID somehow.

Hi @Johan,

You should be able to accomplish this creating a new transformer and using that to translate your dropdown selection so you can place the number into your query.


if (select14.value === 'open'){ 
   return 1
} else if (select14.value === 'cancelled'){
   return 2
} else if (select14.value === 'successful'){
   return 3

Then you can take what's returned from your transformer {{transformer1.value}} and place it wherever you need it.

Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Kenny, thanks for the advice! however, this si not very scalable no? what if I would need to add multiple new statuses, I would also have to update the transformer, and it defeats the principle of having a relational database with ID's for statuses. Is there a way to do that mapping by directly referencing the contents of the status table?

The way I've handled this is by utilising both the "Values" and "Labels" input available within the dropdown component.

You can write a simple query to select all the statuses with their ids, for example

SELECT * FROM statuses;

In the "Values" input you can then refer to this query like {{ }}.

In the "Labels" input you can use {{ }}.

This will display your human readable status_name within the dropdown but allow you to submit the integer ID by accessing {{ select14.value }}.

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Thanks for chiming in @Milo! Taking advantage of the "value" and "label" of the Select component is definitely an easier and scalable approach.