Getting "Invalid external identifier provided" While requesting for an embeded URL

When I request a Retool embedded URL, I receive an error message stating "Invalid external identifier provided."

Here's how I've structured my POST request body:

    "landingPageUuid": "uuid",
    "groupIds": ["groupId"],
    "externalIdentifier": null,
    "userInfo": {
        "email": "email",
        "firstName": "first name",
        "lastName": "last name"

I initially set the externalIdentifier value to null. However, when I tried using my email address as the external identifier, I encountered another issue, and the error message stated, "Page does not belong to the organization."

I'm seeking assistance to resolve this problem.

Hey @Muneera_Shaik, looks like we connected over email and this was resolved by creating a new API key! Have a great day :grinning:

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