Getting Internal server Error while saving files

Recently, I have been encountering an internal server error whenever I attempt to save any file. This issue seems to occur regardless of whether it's a JavaScript file or a database query. When this error occurs, it not only prevents me from saving the file but also disables the save button, which remains stuck in a loading state until I refresh the page. As a result, I'm unable to make any progress in any of the Retool apps on which I'm working on. The only option left for me is to try again after sometime. Is there any way to address and rectify this issue?

Save api response: {"error":true,"message":"Internal server error"}

Hi @Gourav_Sharma,

Thanks for reaching out! That is quite strange :thinking: Is this happening on the Cloud account associated with your email? Is it happening to any other users in your organization?

When you say:

I have been encountering an internal server error whenever I attempt to save any file.

Do you mean manually saving (i.e. clicking cmnd+s on your keyboard) or do you mean the automated save call after you make any app change?

A couple of things I would try:

-Does it work in an incognito window?

-Do you have any global Javascript in your organization? If so, does commenting it out make a difference?

-Does the app work in preview mode?

-Are there any browser console errors?

Hi @Tess

Yes, I am using my company account and I have checked that it is happening for all the users which are connected to my company account.

This is only happening when I use it in edit mode and try to change my code to "revert to this version" or save anything in the app and whenever this happens I can't make any changes in the app because it is not going to save.

But it is working fine if I don't go to edit app and just use the normal app.

This is what I am getting on my console

I have checked in the network tab and it seems save API is also failing.

Hmm that is quite strange :thinking: Instead of reverting, does the app work if you step back in the history as described here?

Also, any chance you can send me a json export of your app so that I can test it on my side?

This is the json file for the retool app and I have checked again if this is working or not but for some reason it is reverting back now and everything is working fine now but still I am getting internal server error and those 2 save api are still failing whose image I had shared before.

And revert to history is also working with same way as above and one more thing that it is only happening on this app now but before when I had checked, it was happening on all the apps so when that happened I wasn't able to do anything on the retool app at all.

Bulk_Edit_Variants(prod).json (137.8 KB)