Getting a modal to popup when a webhook is triggered


Im trying to build a dashboard for our sales department, every chart etc. is working but im trying to add the extra functionality that a modal or different pop up, comes up the moment an offer is accepted.

Now i do have a realtime webhook that fires the moment a customer accepts an offer, but is there a way to integrate it in the above way with my dashboard app? I have tried looking at workflows but I couldnt find a way to change values within my app from there.

@MarketingZD Hi there, should be able to accomplish this. It would be helpful if you can share how you have your webhook set up. Is this fired outside of Retool? In the meantime I can share with you how you can link up workflows with your app components to trigger a modal popup.

Once you have your workflow setup, you can create a workflow query that triggers an action upon a successful workflow run. This will give you the option to control the modal component including opening, closing, and scrolling the modal into view. Have a look at the recording below to see how to set this up.

Kapture 2023-11-28 at 12.24.12

Let me know if you have any questions.