Get values from checkbox custom column

Hi Retool teams, i need help!

i have the next table called "tableCompetitors"
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where "notificar" is a type checkbox custom column.

How can i get the values in the column "mail" only in the rows that column "notificar" is checked? is possible? {{}} does not have the extra column in it.

Note that emails values are different in each row, '' is a hardcoded value by me.


Hi @ignacio, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Seems like you need {{tableCompetitors.recordUpdates}} which should return all changed rows in a table.

You mentioned that you need access to the email field which I'm assuming you're using to trigger other queries. You can create a new JS query that gets triggered via the table event handler and map over your changed items in the table.

Does that work for you?

Hi @minijohn and thanks for your reply!!

i have the next JS query
var data = tableCompetitors.recordUpdates;
for (var i = 0; i<data.length; i++) {

that prints in console the mails in recordUpdates, but i only need the mails which checkbox is checked and i dont know how get this specific information, because if i uncheck and later check put the row in recordUpdates but it is not real for me.

Hey @ignacio, no worries.

Am I right in assuming that you need a workflow for notifying users that are selected in that table? If so I would:

  • enable multi-select in the table
  • create a new button component
  • access selected rows in your query with {{}}

Would that solve your use-case ?

Yes @minijohn, that solve my use-case.

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hey, @minijohn

But let's say I select that row by clicking on any other column (except checkbox one), and then click on checkbox, that deselects the current row.

How to solve that?

Hey @rshubh, sorry just saw this, did you figure it out?