Get the mobile device manufacturer and/or model


I just started trying Retool after I've als tried some tools from competitors.
What I like is that Retool Mobile is able to use the Zebra Datawedge API as an application for our warehouse scanners would be one of the use cases.
I'm not very familiar with Javascript, but with my Python knowledge I'm slowly getting there.

I have added a Zebra scanner component to my app which is working fine., but I also want to be able to use the Camera scanner as a backup for devices without a laserscanner.
What I would like to achieve is that depending on the device manufacturer/model I can set a temporary state value and depending on that value, the zebra scanner or camera scanner is hidden.
I've found out that it would be usually possible using Window Navigator objects, but these are not supported in Retool Mobile.

How can I get this information? Any other JS function available? Or can I get it from the Globals?


Hey @mbruijnpff!

It looks like this isn't supported at the moment but thanks for surfacing the issue! The dev team will look into it and I can let you know here when there's more built-in support for detecting whether or not a user is on a Zebra device.

Are you able to work around the issue for now?

Thanks @Kabirdas, it would be useful, not specifically to determine if the device is a Zebra, but maybe there are some other device specific settings you might want to know. Maybe regarding connection or OS.
Some (future) functionality might not work as well when used as a PWA.

I can work around this now.

Hey @mbruijnpff!

Just want to give an update that some additional properties have been added to the retoolContext object which may be useful:

Does that help?

Thanks Kabirdas, this seems to work perfectly fine. Great that this could be done so quickly.