Get specific data from array based on date or highest id

Hi All,

I have a table column which is populated by a rest api. The data is an array with multiple records.
I would like to get only one value back and only for the record that is the newest, based on date or the highest id number


If you look at this case I would need to return the value from the field stock, in this case it should return the number 27 because this is the "newest" record based on id and date.

I can get all the stock nicely formatted in a custom column with below code but not sure how to add the above logic to only show the newest record.



you can try using a Query JSON with SQL (works just like querying a database except you are querying the table column... Check out this doc

Yes thank I know that I can use the query json with sql but I don't know how to write this query :slight_smile: Hope somebody can help me out

The end result would be to get the field stock (red) from the newest item based on created_at

Fun problem (i'm still learning JS). What about sort the array on reverse date order and take the first instance?

     (p1, p2) => 
      {return p2.created_at - p1.created_at}


:slight_smile: thanks for that, it now shows the first created date but it's a start for me to look in to

1 minute later reply --> changed sort to reverse and it workssssssssss!

you are the best, thanks

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