Get screenshot from browserscreen

I want to include a button in my app, so my users can open a support ticket or send in a bug report. As they usually don’t supply a lot of info, I want to include a screenshot from the current screen ( before they hit the help button), but I don’t know how to get get this screenshot.
I know I can get a screenshot and download it as pdf with utils, but I’m unable to attach it to an api call to our supportsystem.
I think I should use Html2canvas, but how to make use of that in Retool? Just take the screenshot, and send it with a post call to our system together with some user info an description.

Hey @mbruijnpff! Unfortunately, there isn't built-in support for this at the moment. It's possible someone else has a solution we haven't thought of, but for now, we have a couple separate feature requests related to this that we're tracking internally. I can let you know here if either is included!

Does anyone have a solution for this? I have a dashboard & I would like to "print' the entire screen. Would be grateful for any input!