Get results from a query and list the in a list view

i have a custom js to get some file infos from a uploader:

function getFileMetadataAndData() {
  const files = fileDrop.value || [];
  const fileResults = => ({
    type: file.type,
    sizeBytes: file.sizeBytes,
    base64Data: file.base64Data,
    dataURL: `data:${file.type};base64,${file.base64Data}`
  const blobResults = => new Blob([file.base64Data], { type: file.type }));

  return { fileResults};

return getFileMetadataAndData();

Now i want to list the names in a list, but how do you filter the names from the "fileResults"
I have now folllowing value:


XXXX should be the names, but how to get it

sorry forgot something:


Is not working since a List Item expects me to get a string, how i can make the list item dynamic

Got it. Wow so dumb from me.

For the List Item:

{{ item.fileResults }}

and then for the text: