Generative Spreadsheets with Retool

I am experimenting with a crazy idea within Retool. I wanted to build a simple "Generative Spreadsheet" app with Retool and AI. The results are promising. Just like Dall-E generates images using a Natural Language prompt, why not build your Spreadsheets the same way? This is still in its infancy. But when I looked at Devin, it gave me a kind of motivation to try this. My next step is to make this more interactive by showing the user the build steps through their browser.

Just imagine if we can get the Google Sheets built for our Retool apps using a simple prompt. Then it becomes a game of prompt engineering to build what you want!

Introducing Activity Planning to make the Spreadsheet creation process more streamlined. I am hoping to let the user intercept the activity plan to change the course.

Generative Sheets with Retool MVP demo.

Some fun activity

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interesting , can you help me to generate this googlesheets from scratch