Generate REST API for queries in retool!

Hey there!

I want to write a query and generate an API with GET method and use the route in other apps

If this is possible I would like to see how. I don’t recall seeing this capability in any doc I have read.

Hey @Soheil_Ebrahimi!

Happy to help here! Are you looking to generate an API to query within Retool? If so, you can use this API Generator tool to build a resource for testing although there are some limits. Or are you looking to generate an API to use outside of Retool and perform actions in Retool? If so, this is not currently possible in Retool. I believe there is an existing feature request for this though!

@Soheil_Ebrahimi check out autocode for production apps.

You can create an endpoint there which is publicly accessible and can be consumed by all your apps.

Is there a limit on the number of APIs that can be generated? I made 3 and when I try to create a 4th, it is greyed out over the data area.