Generate number in sequence

Hi how i can generate a sequence number for example for my supplier i want supplier_id to start with C0xxx example first C0001, C0002, C0003, etc and save that to database when i create the supplier.

any tips appreciate it

thank you

You can do this in the database natively. What type of database are you using?

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mysql for now but its possible to add sequence but with a format like C00XXX for example?

I think you will need a combination of a query to check the last or most recent value for the supplier_id and then transform that to add +1 though this seems like it could be more work then you would prefer - you may have to store/concatenate the prefix to the incremented value and then store the complete string in another column
So, in one column you have C and in another column you have an auto incremented supplier_id 00001
you would then simply concatenate C and 00001 for each row when you query to get information and add that to another column supplier_sku C000001 or name it as something else

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That works thank you