GCP oauthcallback wrong redirect URL?


After setting up the free version, I'm getting error on outh

Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch

When I add it to authorized URIs on the client OAuth side it seem to work.
However following are documented on Create a Google OAuth client


My app version is 3.2.3

Should the URIs be


Hey @Marcin_Kubica!

The correct redirect URL should appear on your resource configuration page:

Would you mind sharing your resource setup with sensitive information redacted? I'm curious to see exactly how things are configured :thinking:

Hi @Kabirdas

I'm struggling to find 'resource configuration page'. I'm using free version

On Settings - Advanced I only see

  • Authentication Options
  • Preloaded JavaScript
  • Preloaded CSS
  • Libraries
  • Cache queries across all users
  • Disable AI Support Bot
  • Check License Key


Hey @Marcin_Kubica! Apologies for the misunderstanding and the late reply. I was assuming you were setting up a resource connection in Retool, not SSO for the instance itself.

It looks like there is actually a known issue with the documentation, thanks for bumping it here!

Hi @Kabirdas,

Any plans to fix the documentation?

What are the correct values, please?


You'll need to add BASE_URL/oauthcallback in order to log in to Retool, however BASE_URL/oauth/user/oauthcallback and BASE_URL/oauth/oauthcallback are still needed for resource-level authentication. The first is for user-specific resource auth and the second is for shared credentials.

We'll try and get the docs fixed to reflect that information!

It appears the docs are still incorrect, just FYI.

@username_9102 thank you for bumping this!

Which docs and are they missing a route?

Is it this first docs or these second docs?

Will ping our docs team right now to update accordingly.