Function to read Codabar in the Scannar component of Web App

I am currently working on a web app using the Scannar component.
However, I have run into a problem.
In some cases the Scannar component reads the values correctly and in other cases it does not.
I investigated, and it seems that when the barcode type is "EAN 13", it always reads the same value, but when it is "Codabar", it reads a different value each time it reads the barcode.
However, the official documentation says that "Codabar" is also supported.
Is the only way to solve this problem is to make it a Mobile App?
(Not that it has been decided that Mobile App will solve this problem...)
I would like to solve this problem with Web App.
For example, I thought that the problem could be solved by specifying the type of code to be read, but is there any function to do that?

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