Forward (all) cookies in OpenAPI resource

Hi! I just started building my first app with retool and found what I can't forward cookies if I use open api resource.
My case:

  1. I use on-prem retool installation version 2.113.8
  2. I have service which serve open api specification
  3. I imported specification using open api resource
  4. As you can see on screenshot I have only "custom headers" field where I added some cookies, but it is working only for test
  5. In real life I will embed my app inside react admin page and I want to forward some (or all) cookies from what page

Docs says what I should see "Forward all cookies" field:

So, my question is: how can I forward cookies from page where my app is embedded using open api resource?

Hey @bobrnor, the feature to forward cookies should be available on version 2.121 and higher! Are you forwarding cookies set on the same domain that your hosting Retool on, as described in these docs?

I can confirm that for some reason OpenAPI is not forwarding all cookies. My REST endpoint works fine on a regular REST endpoint but as soon as I switch to an OpenAPI resource the cookies are no longer forwarded even though I'm returning Set-Cookie on the response. This is a regular Retool instance (not on-prem).

@Kabirdas any chance you can look into this? We much prefer using the OpenAPI resource.

Hey folks! Just want to mention that this issue is being tracked and hasn't been lost but is currently part of the team's backlog and there isn't a timeline for a fix at the moment. If more people are having cookie issues with the OpenAPI integration please continue to let us know here!