form.setData not working on Android

I've been using form.setData(item) (item being from a listCollection) to set the values in a form on a modal to edit an item. This is done in a script on a press event handler before opening the modal. This was working great until a week or 2 ago when it stopped filling the form values on my android phone. When I press an item on iPhone or in the preview on my computer, it loads the form with the item values and opens the modal just fine, but only on android it doesn't pre-load any of the form values. Again, this just stopped working a week or two ago. Anyone else run into this bug?

I was able to get around it temporarily by setting the value of each form field individually, but it would be nice to use form.setData to set all the fields again.

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Hi @Sam_Zimmer Thanks for reaching out! I'll report this to our team internally. Can you share a screenshot of the event handler?

Ah, actually, no need to send a screenshot! I'm able to reproduce this as well now :thinking: Will follow up when I get an update internally

@Sam_Zimmer I believe this is fixed now :crossed_fingers: Let me know if it's still not working