Form Popup after clicking on modal

Hi I have been trying to open a popup form once i click on modal. Now, i have added some input/select components into the form. What i expect is that once i click on modal button my whole popup form must open along with all the sub components added on it. However, I see just a blank form on render. Do i need to do some parent-child component link etc.?

@Aakashciel Welcome to the forum!
Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?

i get this blank popup

Difficult to say what is happening here - when in edit mode, what do you see? And also, take a screen shot of the inspect panel.... if you still don't see anything in edit mode, maybe you didn't save it? Are you on a free plan?

I see this pop-up in edit mode.

the event trigger i have used

this is the component i wish to open on clicking on button

Yes i am in free plan

OK you don't need an event handler because the modal will open when you click the Open Modal button.

  1. Click Open Modal
  2. Drag the Expense container into the modal.
    2b. Drag a new container into the open modal and rebuild the form in that new container - or you can drag a Form component into the modal and then add fields in the form.

Cool that works!! Thanks for your quick help. Highly appreciate it