Form not reacting to required fields

I have a form where many of the fields are required, but when I press the "Finish" button the fields are added to the table even when some of the required fields were not completed.
How do I get my "Finish" button to not add the fields until all the "Required" fields have been completed?

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Try using

validate inputs on submit, toggle tu true or on

I have looked for a feature "Validate inputs on submit". How do you get to that feature?

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Click on the form and you will see that option just like my screenshot

Do you have your form in a container?

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OK, I put the form into a Form Container and new I can see "Validate Inputs on Submit" but it doesn't do anything. If a field is empty, it adds the record to the table anyway. There is no message about missing data.

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And did you tried put the field as required?

I found the problem.

You have to focus on the "Submit" button. Then in the properties section, you need to tell it the name of the "Form to Submit". Once I did that, it worked fine.


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Glad to hear that