Form Fields not removed from Form Data after delete

I really feel like Mobile apps is under developed compared to the web apps developer.
running into a lot of issues, but currently this is what I am running into:
I created a form that will be used to insert data into a table on my database. the form generator doesn't have enough field type options to make it useful (everything is either a number or a text field instead of allowing me to choose checkboxes or select field types) so I have to add fields manually to the body. while adding fields I am testing which interaction works best with my data and created several fields that I later deleted.
now that I have the form setup the way I want, those deleted fields still show up as data in the form, but not as fields in my form for me to further delete.
looking at this screenshot, I also am apparently missing a field in the data as well.

red are deleted fields from my components, orange is a field that doesn't exist in data.

any ideas?

refreshing again (I had already refreshed once recently) worked...
I still feel like this module is under developed.

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