Form elements lost form data key binding on event handler change

I have a form with a text input in it and bind it to my data source by the "form data key". so far everything works as expected when the data source changes the value of the text input changes directly.

But when i add a change event handler the updates on data source results not in text input changes anymore. nevertheless the form data key is the same as before.

Now i delete the last character from "form data key" field and add the same character again the binding and the updates are working again.

i can reproduce it everytime i change the js-code in the change event run script and looks like an ugly bug.

:thinking: Strange bug! I'm seeing the same issue. I'll report this to our team for a fix & will follow up here when it's resolved


Any chance it will be fixed soon? It's impossible to copy forms - data key is missing and I need to create new form and move all fields there + setup actions.

The same problem with keys, sometimes you need to rewrite them to make it works

Thank you!

Hey @Mark_Shcherbakov,

Unfortunately, I don't have a timeline for a fix yet :disappointed: