Form Data Key with a table conponent

I have a form with a table in it. How can I access the changed values of the table from the {{}}? I see the table has a "Form Data Key." I see how other individual components work {{}}

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Welcome to the forum! CAn you share some screenshots and more detail regarding what you are trying to achieve... submit the form? Save changes to the table only?
You can access changes in the table using {{yourTableName.changeSetArray}}

I have a table inside the form component.

Highlighted is the "Form Data Key"

I would like to access the changed data of the table from the property. In the same way I can access the value of the Select components found just above the table.

I realize I can use the table.changeSetArray but I was hoping to see the table data in the property.

If you want to Submit the table data you would have to write a query to include the table changeSetArray - only saying so because I don't believe the form is going to "see" the changeSetArray if you intend to Submit the form by default
Instead of the table, I would use a listView instead so you can have access to the list view in the form directly.

Good Question, I really don't know how to use it either.