Foreach explanation

Hi All,

Hope your well,
Im after some help if I may.

Now I'm not good at this stuff lol, I'm learning very slowly, not just retool, but calling APIs in general.
So bare with me.

I have a couple of GraphAPI queries that's I've set up, which gives me a list of IDs, this could be any number of entries.

What then I need to do is loop through these IDs and perform another API call on each of the IDs.

What is the best way to do all of this?
and can someone explain what i have to do please.
Id like to understand what it is I'm doing so i can learn from this.

the JSON I'm looking at is formated as :

Hey @Sickyness!

This is definitely doable in Retool. I believe this existing community post should go over exactly what you need, but let me know if you have any questions about it at all.

@victoria thank you very much, lol i think Im a bit out of my knowledge zone, i think i understand how it works the nested arrays are throwing me off big time i just cant get my head round it.

Ill go and hunt around for some more explanations, to see if i can grab any additional knowledge.