Fluttering in new table component

The attached link (youtube video) shows a "flutter" effect which I have noticed in several instances of the new table component. I have not found any way to reliably reproduce the problem and if one continues to interact with the app it will eventually stop. But I have not been able to uncover any deterministic way to make it stop either. I have not seen it happen in the old table component or in any other type of component but I have seen it happen in at least two different instances of a table component.

Here's the link to the video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/JqJFo16anpaSRRDN6

Thanks, @Roland_Alden! As discussed in office hours, I've flagged this to our internal team for a fix

Note. It's still a problem.

Happy Valentine's Day.

I have not found the cause but I have found a "fix" that should provide the Retool team with something specific to investigate.

Here are some more details that may be significant.

I call search_term.clearValue(); immediately before calling triggers that reload the data in the tables.

BOTH tables are connected to the same instance of search_term.value. So when search_term.value is modified or simply being evaluated it is being done at two separate tables simultaneously.

Thanks for these details, @Roland_Alden !

Note. It seems the permissions on Loom did not allow you to click on the links to watch the videos. Why didn't you say something? Anyway, I think I fixed them.

Followup. I encountered the fluttering problem in a different app and different table. I could not make the flutter stop by typing something into the search box because this particular table had no search box.

Therefore I believe what I posted earlier may be a clue but it's likely not the root cause. I will say this. I cannot make a demo video that runs more than 10 or 15 minutes without triggering this problem. It's a real problem and looks really silly.

As far as I can tell these loom videos do not play inside community.retool.com windows. But I have tested this link in an incognito mode window and it will play. So I'm going to present it twice below so if you must copy-paste you can.

[copy/paste ==>] www.loom.com/share/67952f1091d14e9b88b634664527b2c0?sid=f3747dc7-ad62-4a80-ad3c-2dd96331a81f