Firestore query, additional scope with other parameters create errors on console


I think this is a bug. It regards firestore queries and additional scopes.
I am doing this query:

And I call it with the additional scope of the setId.
It works well.

The problem happens if I change any of the other components referred in the query, for example changing the input on setNameInput will create a series of erros on the console:

Can you confirm this is a bug?

The workaround was to pass everything as an additional parameter from the JS code that is calling this query.

I still think this should be addressed.


Hey @pedrocarloto!

Thanks for the feedback, a couple of other users have expressed that these errors can be misleading as well. The dev team is aware of the issue and is putting some thought into how to best address the issue. I'll add this thread to our internal ticket for it and can let you know here if there's a resolution!