Firebase Realtime DB child problem with table rows

Hi there, and thanks in advance. I´m struggeling with this really simple issue that I cant get the query data to show properly in a table as the data (childs) are objects with data (name, etc).

I´ve tried everything and just a simple data[0].Name wont work. I know it´s very simple syntax but I can't figure it out.

I see what it's doing, but I think the first part to start here is to ask, what is the desired output you want to see in the table based on the data we are seeing above?

The issue is you need to flatten out your objects a bit. sub-object is throwing things off.

Thanks brettski, I want each key ( the 6 childnode for now) to be presented in the table with each key data (9 keys = rows). Like:
row1 = Approved (key)
row2 = EMail (key)

So I encountered the same problem.
The issue seems to be the structure that was returned was an object not an array.
Using the transformer function within the query I used

return Object.values(data);

That worked for me and I hope it works for you too!