Firebase geopoints in Retool

Hello , How can i store the collection field of type GeoPoint in firebase firestore. ?
i wanted to save one field in collection , let's say 'book_location' of type GeoPoint with latitude and longitude in firestore. But it is getting saved as number only from retool.

Hello Guys ,
Any update on this from Retool team ?

Hi @sanket,

I believe you'll need to write your query in Raw mode.

For the query itself, the formatting should be: coordinates: new firestore.GeoPoint(40.7589, -73.9851)

Hello Tess ,
Thank you so much for reply.
I will try this out.

Awesome! Keep us posted with any questions

Hi @Tess ,

I am tryingyour solution, but I can't find the option to use a RAW query. Is this feature not supported anymore or am I just missing something?