Finding css names


I want to apply some padding to my main navbar, how can I find the name of the div /class /whatever - in order to style with custom Css?

I've been digging around the inspector in google chrome, but can;t seem to id this nav bar.

thanks for any help,

Hello!, in dev tools there is a tool to select elements:

What i do when i want to use CSS in components is:

  1. If it is possible in a native way
  2. If not, in Custom CSS i type ._retool-component_id
    i.e ._retool-container1 (this doesn't work for all components)
  3. Go to inspector and use the tool to select elements

Select the component

Copy its selector

Here you can see that it works but you can shorten it as i did above

You can "Preview" css without typing it in retool so you can see if the changes are what you want

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thank you!