Filtering table based on Label


I'm trying to filter a table based on the Labels and not the Values.
I have two tables
tableInventory (ID, CustomersID,...)
Table Customers (ID, Name)
In my tableInventory the column CustomerID is a foreign key linked to ID in TableCustomers

In my app the column Customers is setup like this

So when I search it is looking for the ID (Value) instead of the name (Label)

Hi @brocantcode,

How are you applying your filter to the table? I'm assuming you're using the search and search term options in a table, as this indeed defaults to the value rather than the label.

What you can do is:
1- Add a select component with all of your contacts (pulled from a different query) and link that component to a default filter in your table. By doing this, the filter will still work using the id, but the end-user will see the labels in your select component
2- If you want a fuzzy search, you could add another hidden column with as value and use that column as reference in your search term.

I hope that makes sense

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