Filtering on Table component with isOneOf

I am trying to filter a table using the filter feature within the component.

I want to show a limited set of rows based on a column value. However the "is one of" operator does not let me input comma separated values. How should i be adding the values in?

Hi @Isv thanks for reaching out! It looks like that field is expecting a single number or an array. It should work if you wrap your input in square brackets (i.e. [5,25])

Like this:

Thank you.

Is there also a way to set a default sort? I want to set a specific custom order

Hi @Isv

Default sorting can be found under the Advanced section of Interaction:

Multi-column default sorting is still in the works!

Just a heads up, our team picked up the multi-column default sort request, so this feature should be shipping very soon :slightly_smiling_face: