Filter Results for a ListView

I'm so close. I have a ListView inside a GridView.

I have tried what seems like everything to get the data for the ListView filtered to only include the appropriate values for the appropriate years. (You can see that each list is identical.)

get_all_years is a query that gets all of the distinct years from my data, and is the datasource for the GridView.
get_all_series is a query that gets all of the distincy series from my data, which includes a "year" property.

I was hoping to call get_all_series once, and then have the option to _.filter() the records for each ListView based on the year used by the parent GridView, but this seems to be eluding me.

Anyone have any advice?

I think using => x.year === item.year)

should achieve what you're trying to do.

What I've found helpful is having all the data in one single query and have your cards nested within the years. So you could have something like

SELECT year, ARRAY_AGG(name) AS cards
FROM your_table

(don't forget to add formatDataAsArray (data) within the query transformer)

And so in your parent list view you can use and your child list view

Hope that makes sense

This is exactly what I tried, but it didn't work. Retool thinks .filter() isn't a function.

Even though it recognizes .data as an array.

I'll take a look at modifying my query.

Hi @jeffblankenburg! Can you try wrapping with formatDataAsArray -- e.g. formatDataAsArray( => ...)

This should verify that your data is an array before you filter it.

That did it! It's weird to me that I have to cast it as an array when it should already be an array, but I'll take the win! Thank you so much!

Anna could you take a look at mine? Grid View Sorting Data by Container

Hi @MiguelOrtiz,
Learning retool through trying to replicate code provided and here come a cropper for some reason.
Using the Array_Aggr as below

FROM "parentGuardianA" as p
join "childA" as c on c."parentID" =
group by,

return formatDataAsArray(data);

When I populate the gridview using {{}} and the list within using {{item.children}}, the list is showing all children for each parent but if I just output the data as below, it is fine. What am I missing?

Hi @Kotin_karwak,

Apologies if it took me a while to get back to you. So I just made a quick example. My query is the following (and it is transformed using return formatDataAsArray (data) ):

ARRAY_AGG(DISTINCT jsonb_build_object('id',, 'first_name', con.first_name, 'last_name', con.last_name, 'company_id', con.company_id)) AS contacts
JOIN ps1.contacts con on con.company_id =
group by,c.company_name

It returns this:


And so in my first listView data source I have the query as data source. In the nested list view my data source is {{item.contacts}}

And so the text components are:


Hope that helps!


Excellent, now I follow this right. Been able to implement that scenario.

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I've searched for an answer to this problem myself for quite some time and so glad I stumbled across this! Thank you Sir.

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