Filter fields when listing files from a bucket

Hi Team!

Goal: I currently have a use case where I need to display the first entry on certain bucket.


Currently there is no documentation regarding how to efficiently do this, it seems I have to list all the files first then just do {{ data[0] }}

But this is also a problem on its own. Several bucket folders have quite plenty of entries:

This makes Retool to immediately throw an error because the response exceeds 100MB:

I read from the Cloud Storage JSON API overview  |  Google Cloud that we could use Partial Response here but I have no idea how to do it with Retool.

Any advice is appreciated, thank you!

Are you trying to get a list of all the objects in the bucket? It looks like you'd be using this part of the api, and could use the maxResults parameter to limit the data returned. You might have to expand the more options section under the action and then include the param like this:

Hi @MikeCB, thanks for your reply.

I think that maxResults query parameter seems to be the solution here, but where can I add that in the query settings? Please take a look at the screenshot below.


I have the similar usecase where the response is more than 100 MB and i am not able to load that on retool. How did you solve the above case?

Also I dont know how the data is so heavy..I have around 10,000 files and each file would have around 1KB of metadata in the response. I am not sure what is making up to 100MB.