Filter allow text input >= text

Hi i have this use case:

i got a filter named: Salary theres any chance to use operators inside text input >< = number like > = 1000 and it should query salary >= 1000. I know table have a filter toolbar, but im using server side pagination, so i cant use those filters, any chance i can use that directly to the text input?

like that

thank you

Thank you

Hey @agaitan026! There are a couple of options here.

  1. Filter the current table data that has been fetched already. This will use a JS query to filter based on the text input and does everything client side.
  2. Re-trigger the underlying data query with the text input filters applied.

For #1, something like this should work:

JS Filter:

Filtered Table:

Clear Filter Script:

For #2 it depends on the data query and how filters can be applied to it, but likely something similar to parse the text input value.

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I can use that function for only that filter salary? And keep the others as it?

That's an example of how to parse a text input and filter a specific column. You can modify it however you need to achieve the functionality you are looking for.

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