Fill in table dinamically with value from Drop down menu

Hi all, Quite new to retool.
So I have a table of 4 columns which gets populated with a postgress query. Showing just 6 rows.

Let say:

ID | service_name | Owner | Link page
1 | foo | john |

Query is made of 10 columns but I just show those 4.

Also I have a dropdwn next to the table that get´s populated with the services name (that you can see on column 2 in table). Would like to click on the service that I get from dropdown, and add it to the table as a new row also with it´s ID, name, Owner and link page.

Is this possible?

thank you

Hey @Zucoa, welcome to the community :mechanical_arm:


you can use the data from the selected row of your table and your dropdown to trigger a query that inserts a new row with that information.

Read more here for constructing the query.

Hey @minijohn thanks for the reply. I read that but not sure how the new query gets inserted as a new row in the already existing table (which also gets popularted by same query).
Also this is a "select from" query to display values in table. I would like to add some more rows in that query. Not to add new row in the table database.

Hello Zucoa!

Here are two great resources that I think will answer your question.

If you have any questions along the way, please don't hesitate to ask! But, these two docs should get you started at least. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@jSims links are broken.

Hey @stefan, I'm sorry about that! We improved our table docs and also renamed the parent page, so it looks like the entire URL broke.

How does this link work for you?