fileUtils.parseXLSX() Questions

The changelog says there is an options param now, but it is not in the docs. The changelog reminded me it existed and I might have a use for it.

Also fileUtils is not available in Intellisense within a JS editor so I cannot get any clues there.

Thank you @bradlymathews! Our docs team is tracking this and will make an update. I'll circle back when that's done!

Pls also detail the docs of


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Thank you @bradlymathews @AnsonHwang - our Docs team just shipped updates to this doc, take a look and let me know if that addresses what you were looking for!

Thanks, is the updated contains all options list?

@AnsonHwang it looks like there's still some docs updates to make - all the sheetJS options are available to pass to options in fileUtils.parseXLSX so our docs team is going to link to the sheetJS docs under the options section there. Specifically we're going to add this link for reference.

For parseCSV - we currently only allow setting the header configuration in our parseCSV file utility. Based on your feedback here, the team has created a ticket to open that up to whatever options papaparse has (similar to parseXLSX using sheetJS options). Stay tuned for this - I don't have a timeline for this but it's queued up for the eng team to expose.

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As an update, the docs are up to date for both fileUtils.parseXLSX and fileUtils.parseCSV. It's accurate that parseCSV only exposes the header at the moment. The eng team considered potentially adding more options but decided not to create a dependency on the papaparse library. If that changes we will update the docs and can circle back here.

Will close this out as the docs updates were resolved. Thanks @bradlymathews @AnsonHwang!