Filepicker useless because mimetype is bugged

{{filepicker1.file.type}} is some __FILE_OBJECT_AS_JSON__ variable. So when I try to do anything with the Filepicker that might require the mimetype of that file (e.g. upload images to Firebase, etc.), I can’t get it…
Please fix this soon. :frowning:

I ended up doing this which is insanely janky…

return "image/" + {{'.')[1]}}

inside a transformer.

Doesn’t produce an extensionless name? If it provides an extension, this is a nice workaround.

I haven’t touched this code in a minute but it seems to be still working :slight_smile:

Hey @corysimmons and @alex-godin, just wanted to let you know that we've since added a contentType property to the File Picker. So you can access the filetype with {{ filepicker1.file.contentType }}. See example here:


Hope that helps!

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