fileInput/upload works on web but not Mobile

I have a demo mobile app to upload a file to google storage and it works ok on the web app and I can download the file but on the mobile app it uploads but the file seems to be corrupt.


Not sure what the difference is, there are no error messages on the console.

Hi @geoffp, I hate to say this but I have been unable to reproduce this behavior: using the fileInput.value.split method does work for me when uploading pdfs to Google Cloud Storage.

That said, setting up GCS correctly took a lot of doing. Can you check for me: is the file listed in GCS for you? For a while, it appeared it was uploading correctly from our interface, but wasn't showing up in GCS at all. It turned out I was running into CORS issues on the GCS side and the errors weren't being presented to me in the output of the GCS query, but only in the console in our end.

If you can confirm you've set up your GCS access correctly, including CORS as presented here (Connect to Google Cloud Storage | Retool Docs), then I can keep looking into this.