Feature Request: Spinner


We already have the Progress Bar component, but it would be useful to have a Spinner component.
Spinners are used by Retool when a query is running in the UI, but we don't have access to the component.

It could simply be an option of the Progress Circle, just like the Progress Bar as the indeterminate option.


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Hey @MicExpert ! Thank you for the feature request -- definitely something we are thinking about right now. Could you help us a bit and describe your use case for the spinner?



The same as the Progress Bar Indeterminate. For exemple, execution of a complex body of code and queries.

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As @Will_Su mentioned, this is logged as a feature request internally, and we'll keep this thread updated as we have any new updates on this :slight_smile:

@MicExpert Thanks again for sharing the request here in the forum and explaining a but about what you're looking to use it with!

I am not sure if this would work, but couldn’t you hack this by creating a simple text field without any text (invisible to the user, but not ”hidden”)? Then add the standard ”query.isFetching()” to that text field?

True; that's a helpful workaround :pray:!

Implemented here as a 'disabled' text input with background & border colors set to 0%:

A true spinner component would likely have more styling options :crossed_fingers:


Nice trick @Tess!

But, yes, a true spinner component could likely have more styling options.



Hey @MicExpert , revisiting this!
Could you clarify what you mean by 'we don't have access to the component'?
For instance if a form is loading data, would the native spinner already present in the form serve the purpose? Just trying to understand your problem a bit more here!

Thank you!

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Simply put: [quote="PatrickMast, post:8, topic:25955"]
a true spinner component could likely have more styling options

like this:

Capture d’écran, le 2023-12-04 à 19.25.11

I bet I could do it with a button with no bg color.

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This would be helpful! Especially for using workflows as queries where we may not have progress information from the API endpoint.