Feature request: PDF Exporter to support HTML

I would like to request that the PDF Exporter query support HTML in addition to Markdown. Markdown is okay for some things but obviously much more limited than HTML.

Thank you!



Good idea @pdamato! Getting this down in our backlog.

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I would like HTML coding also.


Same here!

Same here! That would be a great feature, since the Markdown creates a huge font in the PDF and making a font smaller is not event possible.

really needed :slight_smile: thank you

yeees please

I am just following up to see if this has been added to the Roadmap yet. I have a real need to be able to better structure a PDF file out of Retool but don't have interest in using an external API as has been described in previous postings.
+1 vote for this feature!!!

Hi there! This is something we want to support, but it's not on our immediate roadmap. I will let our team know that a couple users have checked in about this. I would recommend looking into the external API option for the time being! There's some related ideas here: https://www.boldtech.dev/posts/creating-pdfs-in-retool