Fastest data source for Retool?

I'm currently running a collection of apps with a Google Sheet database.
I have one google sheet doc with multiple tabs and all queries run with that doc.

I have noticed though that as the database grows the query times are getting much longer. sometimes 10 seconds simply to write a row and read the new table.

Also, occasionally the queries time out. It's as if Google is under load and putting the breaks on my queries.

I've considered migrating to the Retool Database but will this be any quicker?

Is Self Hosting the quickest in terms of performance?

Lastly, and un related, is there any guidance for making apps more efficient? consolodating queries, caching etc.

Hey @hobsondm01, yes the RetoolDB option is likely going to be faster than the Google Sheet queries. Google sheets just wasn't made to be a database, and while it's often successful at first when data is smaller, it quickly becomes non-performant. I'd recommend moving 1 table/sheet at a time into the Retool DB and observe the query runtimes yourself.

We do also have some docs on making performant apps! Hope this helps.