Fail to pass additionalScope to workflow

Say I have a query1

Then I will trigger query1 in button click event handler

Then click the button

The addtionalScope is passed in corrected way.

but all property of data of query1 is null

And when I check the history run of workflow

The same - all property are null too.

let delete the last variable undefined_var

And click button again.
The result is the same - all property in and workflow is null

I will change the workflow parameters to RAW

This time it will work as expected

I also have a request that can add optional checkbox here?
I.E. if there is not available passed in additionalScope, don't pass this available to workflow too.

The similar bug seem appear in query pass json to query library
You can pass the object/array to query library

Hi @AnsonHwang,

I did a quick test, it looks to me that it works as expected.
Maybe you should use undefined instead of "undefined" in your condition check?

Hope this help.

Thanks for reply.

Not, the operate typeof will return a string.

You're right, nevertheless in my quick test I can pass a param (via additionalScope) from a button workflow' call and get it in the workflow response, if I've understood correctly your use case.
I'm using the Workflow param GUI, not the Raw version.
Hope this help