Facing problem in listView in Retool

Hi, I am new to retool and i have playing around with retool since 3-4 days.
I created a listview in my app and added components and also i added a button in listview so that if i click on the add button it adds the containers in the listview and i created a variable state1 where initial value is 1 and if i click on add then my update functionality is like this: {{state1.value+1}}
Now my issue is: I have a default container where i created some text inputs and some buttons, if i click on add the similar container is getting added in the listview and i am good here, the problem is if i fill some data and then click on add then it is adding the new container similar to the default container but the data i filled in the default container is getting vanished away...this is my first problem and second problem is i want my containers inisde the listview should work irrespectively, i mean if i click on submit in first container in my listview it is getting clicked in other containers as well.

Hi @Rajesh_Kumar_Dasari Thanks for reaching out & welcome to Retool!

Could you share some screenshots of your setup? This sounds doable :slightly_smiling_face: We can use the index i value of the list to track different items in the listView

Any time you're adding a new item to the list, the listView will re-render and reset back to default. If you need to save changes that you've made, you'll need to store them somewhere (localStorage, db, api, etc)