Extracting properties from a JSON object for my mobile app

Hi all

I've connected to my APIs for my source data and want to be able to extract certain properties for transformation and also to display on my app. I know I can use API filtering, however, I'd like to pull from the object I've extracted.

I'm looking on the transform page and I don't know how to pull the data. As an example, I'm looking to pull the weather data from this object, how do I do this:

"id": 16475287,
"visitorteam_id": 338,
"winner_team_id": 53,
"weather_report": {
"code": "clouds",
"type": "few clouds",
"icon": "https://cdn.sportmonks.com/images/weather/02d.png",
"temperature": {
"temp": 59.94,
"unit": "fahrenheit"
"temperature_celcius": {
"temp": 15.5,
"unit": "celcius"
"clouds": "20%",
"humidity": "67%",
"pressure": 1014,
"wind": {
"speed": "10.29 m/s",
"degree": 300

I can type the following on my query:
{FixturesbyDateRangebyTeam.rawData}} to get the whole object, however, if I press "." after data it doesn't list the properties, which I hoped it would do.

A junior query I know, however, I am junior here.


Hello @downsey,
This looks like an array of objects.

From what I see, the structure looks like this

[ {your object} ]

To access the data you can do this to access the first element within the array.


doing this

should get you your ID.
I hope this helps