Export to google sheets


I'm trying to create a export to Google Sheets functionality. Basically exporting a table's data to a new google sheet.

I have tried to first create a spreadsheet and then append rows but as I understand it the append functionality needs the headers to work.

How can I solve this?

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Hi there! You actually don't need any headers for this to work :slight_smile:

This worked for me! I just had to ensure the sheet I wrote to (Sheet4 in my screenshot) was completely blank.

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Thanks! I got this to work by exporting a subset of the table columns. Turns out that one column that contains an array of strings could not be exported. So on values to append I used code similar to this:
{{(({column1,column2, column3 }) => ({column1,column2, column3}))(table1.data)}}


Oh awesome :) Glad you got a working solution despite that column that couldn't be exported. Thank you for sharing!