Export PDF w/ utils.downloadPage(): select destination folder & custom layout

Continuing the discussion from Print to printer / PDF:

Hello all!

Thanks to the post above, I've managed to create a PDF file with a screenshot of my app. The options to exclude certain selectors & components is very handy but in the end, I still have a few details to fix:

  1. Is there a way to select a destination folder other than 'Downloads' when I run utils.DownloadPage() function? Or just a workaround to grab a copy of the PDF to put it somewhere in the cloud (like a Dropbox folder).
  2. Could I customize the layout of the document so the screenshot looks like a page (vertical layout) and not a screenshot (horizontal layout). The app I'm building aims to generate quick estimates & invoices, it must look like documents and not screenshots.

Overall, I find this utils.downloadPage() function pretty amazing, I'm just afraid now it doesn't cover the last mile in order to output a document that will look professional.
If any of you has built an app on Retool to issue professional document and found their way with or without this function, I'm all ears!

Thanks for your help!


@jeremy unfortunately neither of these things are possible right now, but they're great feature requests. Going to update the topic location accordingly!

I will jump on this topic, since I missed it before creating my own.