Export Events to .ics File Using ReTool Workflow & Python

This is a follow-up to this post:
Open AI, Mapbox, Calendar Example

I was looking for a way to export the events as an ics file, so they could be added to whatever calendar app the end user wants, and was able to get it to work using workflows. Hopefully this is a helpful example for those looking to do the same. This workflow using a ReTool Database query, but the same concept could be applied by passing the Calendar array into the workflow as a parameter and then calling that.

The button on the app front end is right above the calendar, and makes a call to execute the workflow. On success of the workflow run, it downloads the file from ReTool Storage.

(Side note, if you are judging me for my spelling in the experiences section, I intentionally spelled some places wrong to see if it would find them correctly, and spoiler alert, it did!)


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Hi @ezerjesse, this is awesome!
Thank you for sharing. :raised_hands: