Export Data Export2 Data2

I am trying to use the Export Data feature but I can't get to first base.

I am attaching 4 screen shots.

  • the first picture is the setup screen
  • the second picture shows the click window
  • the third picture shows the source file (Letterf03)
  • the last picture shows the debug output

What am I doing wrong?




I have found the answer to my own question.

In the second screen shot there is a Data field. I had erroneously entered the name of the table. The correct entry is a query say named as {{restoreLetter03.data}} and in that query you could have the code like "Select * from Letter03 order by Seq1".

I am not too thrilled with the output. I have been testing the .xlxs format and it does not permit overflow of long text strings to the next column even when it is blank.

I am using a different method with PHP which works much better.

I will mark this as a Solution for those who might be interested.