Export all records from query to Google Sheets

I've tried to follow the Retool example on exporting data to Google Sheets. It works very well when I set up a table and select one item to be exported. I'm trying to figure out what changes I'd need to make in order to have all records from my query transferred to Google Sheets. Attached is the screen shot of my query. The query is being loaded into Table3. Additionally, on success, I'd like to mark the records in my database that were exported. It should update the viewrecord field to "Processed" and the asofdate field to the date is was done.

Good news! I figured it out. I was at a standstill when I posted the message. I took some time off and new ideas came to my mind. As a new user, I'm now seeing how to use more of the tools and the community forum and participation this week in the office hours session has helped tremendously. I've got a long way to go, but will use this opportunity to thank those that have helped and been so patient with me thus far.

Hi @adrooney! That's great news :blush: Thank you so much for sharing !