Exclude specific form fields from data object when inserting new row on database

This is a simple question but I can't seem to find any 'easy' way to do this. I have a form with multiple fields. This is to create an entry on database table. I have to have a temporary fields in the form that should not be included as actual data. I know I can include required field as key-value pair but that would require me to set them manually for all the forms. Is there any way in the form level setting that will allow me to exclude it. Idea is I would mark a form field as not needed then it will not be in the data object.

(OR) is there any way to transform the data object before it is passed to the query?


When you create the form, all of the fields come into the "data" for the form:

If you want to exclude a field in the data for the form, go to the element you don't want and clear the "Form data key" and it won't show up in the data:


@jg80 thanks, I knew there had to be some smart way in retool to do this.